Monday, August 24, 2009

Bucco Notebook 8-25- Great Homestand

After a miserable road trip, the young Bucs returned to PNC Park for a six game home stand and played great baseball. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to any games because I had a long brutal home stand of my own to work, but I did get to watch the games for the most part and liked what I saw. It was a shame that Homer Bailey shut us down yesterday, but it was a very good home stand, showing exactly what this team could potentially do.

Good pitching, timely hitting, some power, some speed. Who were those masked guys pretending to be our Buccos? Instead of breaking down the baseball like I always do, I want to comment about the best part of the home stand. No, it wasn't the 5 straight wins, but instead it was the 1979 throwback uniforms worn Friday and Saturday.
Boy, did they look sharp or what. Brought back memories of the good old days (i was 4 in 79) of Pirates baseball. I would like to see them wear one of the throwbacks for every Friday game next season. It was also great seeing the cast from 1979 at PNC Park.
This is going to be short, so I will pose a question to you and let you discuss it. A friend of mine actually brought this up while we were watching the end of the game Saturday. But, how much pride do you think these young Bucco's had putting on that uniform? Being such a young team (very few if any were even born in 1979), do you think they finally said "We want to wear this uniform with pride."
Do you think it's possible that during this weekend that they finally realized it is now their team and they said "we aren't complete losers like the bunch before us." Do you think they felt that they could start a winning tradition, like the guys that originally wore that 1979 uniform? Or do you think it was just another day at the ball park with another gimmick for them.
I know it's a stretch, but maybe it takes something like that for young guys. This group of Pirates and the group to follow have their own Pirates tradition to start writing. The winning hopefully will begin soon. It's hard to tell because while the Bucs play looked inspired, they were playing the dreadful Reds, who are in a lot worse shape than the Bucs.
I don't know, I just figured I'd write something other than the x's and o's for a change. maybe one day in about 30 years, we can got to a 2012 or 2013 throwback uniform night, for the same reason as this last gathering of greats- A World Series Championship


  1. I loved the uni's also. I want to buy one of each. Intresting topic on the pride thing. You would hope it had some impact. but I doubt it.

    Today's player makes too much money to care about things like pride

  2. I disagree 100%. these guys don't know 17 years of losing. They see a chance to be part of the turn around. Most aren't making big money.

    good topic and i feel they definitely have some extra pride to put that uni on

  3. loved the uni's i went friday and saturday. I was actually bummed out when they didn't wear them on sunday.

    To have an opinion on the topic. I think with the 79 championship team in the house, it is human nature for these guys to not have a little extra pride putting on that jersey.

    as far as a carry over effect, I can't see one happening

  4. they should wear those all the time. im torn which looked better friday's or saturday's.

    bring back the old school uni's and the wins will follow

  5. matt

    i like that you started adding pictures to the website.

    I agree about the uni's. AWESOME

    I have a feeling they won because they played the reds though

  6. sorry the text isn't spaced out. Once i added the pics, it jumbles everything up and i can't get it spaced out.

    for those that emailed. when i have a small gap between posts. I am trying, but I work for the washington wild things and when we are at home, it's hard to make time to write.

    I will try and keep making time though. I'm glad you guys are reading

  7. that's an interesting topic. I'd rather watch talented guys playing in togas instead of not talented guys playing in nice uniforms.

    having said that. your right, the uniforms were awesome. they should go back to them. hats and all. I do like the throwback friday idea.

  8. matt

    they cant wear the uni's every friday next year. isn't fireworks on friday's? only 1 gimmick per day. since the non baseball fans sell out for fireworks and bobbleheads. we need a night of our own. it could be real pirates fans ...let's say wednesday's.

    Does wednesday work for everyone? only real baseball fans allowed in the park (which means we will be playing infront of like 75 people).....BUT we get good looking uniforms, some good young talent and hopefully a win.

    Raise the jolly roger

  9. I say let the 1979 team play instead of this team. Dave Parker and Bill Madlock can still hit better than Brandon Moss and Andy LaRoche. Heck, even Chuckles Tanner has more personality at age 125 than John Ruseell has. Keep up the good work Matt.

  10. I agree. the chuck tanner led 1979 team would have gone atleast .500 in Miller Park the last 2 seasons. even at 65 years of age