Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates Organizational Depth- Catchers

Today a look at how the Bucs catchers performed this season and what lies ahead at the position.
Pittsburgh Pirates
-Ryan Doumit- Well he got hurt AGAIN. He proved he is a below average option defensively AGAIN. He never got into a groove offensively and that could be due to the wrist injury. Early on it looked as if he were becoming a leader, by the end of the season he was benched for a couple of games and JR just didn't know what to do with him or where to hit him. He struggled big time batting in the middle of the order, hitting only .250 with 10hr/38rbi. with an on base percentage at only.299 in 75 games played. The lack of power numbers are disturbing. 2009 grade- D
-Jason Jaramillo- Filled in nicely when Doumit was hurt. Solid backup option. Any offense he provides is a bonus. I thought he handled the staff pretty well for his first full season in the big leagues. He hit .252 with 3hr/26rbi in with an obp of .309. in 63 games played. Similar numbers to Doumit. 2009 grade- C
-Robinson Diaz- Showed some pop with the bat, splitting time between the big league club and Indianapolis. Not that bad defensively, despite what the scouting report says. he hit .279 with 1hr/19rbi and a .309 obp in 41 big league games. 2009 grade- C-
-Eric Kratz- Caught 93 games and hit .273 with 11hr. not really a prospect. Shared the job with journeyman Adam Melhuese and Diaz. Just bodies in the organization.
- Hector Gimenez, Milver Reyes, Migue Perez and Steven Lerud combined to catch all the games for the Curve. None hit for average or for power and none appear on any kind of radar except for Lerud, but he would have to improve the .240 average.
Kris Watts had a decent season with the bat, hitting .291, diving in 49. Not so much to be said for Joel Collins or Eric Fryer. Number 1 pick Tony Sanchez (pictured above) played four games for the Hillcats.
-After signing quick, Sanchez earned a quick promotion to the power where he made a quick impact. He hit .316 with 7hr/46rbi in 41games, with a nice obp of .415. Defensively he excelled and many say he is big league ready defensively. Andrew Walker and Josus Peley also caught for the Power but both struggled
Craig Perry and Miguel Mendez pretty much shared the catching duties for the Spikes, both hit under .200 for the season.
2010 Outlook
- I would like to see Doumit dealt, but I don't envision getting much of a return for him. Instead, I see Doumit getting one more look. It's a make or break season for him so hopefully he can stay healthy and find some consistency at the plate. They are fine with the backup catcher, so I really don't see them attempting to sign a catcher.
I expect Sanchez to progress quickly and see him with Altoona at some point this season, if not starting the season there. He is the only catcher in the system worth getting excited about. I don't expect him to see PNC Park though until at least 2001. There really isn't any other depth at the position though throughout the organization.
Organizational Grade- D


  1. doumit has to go. they are going to continue to bat him cleanup and he is going to continue to struggle. it's too frustrating. he also has had plenty of looks

  2. ryan doumit, dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. im comfy with diaz and jj sharing the duties until you can get a catcher or when sanchez is ready

  3. matt

    has their been any talk or do you feel there is any chance that neil walker or jeff clement would be moved back behind the dish. id like to see clement be moved back to catcher and leave jones at first

  4. as far i know, they have no plans to move either guy back behind the plate. in the case of clement, the reason he was moved to first base in the first place is that he was doumit- like defensively behind the plate

  5. your grade of D is intresting, i would have given them an F-

  6. Tony Sanchez's potential is the only thing at the position in the system

  7. i believe the grade is a little harsh. sanchez's prescence alone should make it a C. here you have a top 4 pick who signed and started producing right away,

    He looks to be our best catching option since jason kendall

  8. let me explain the process i used. it is to grade the entire organization at each position from the mlb club through it's top 5 farm teams.

    I looked at not only what each guy has done this season, but what they have done in the past and also what they should be projected to do in the next 2-3 seasons.

    The catching position is one the Bucs are very thin at. They are below average at the mlb level and below average in the farm.

    The one bright spot is Sanchez, a guy i am very high on and could see rising through the ranks very quickly. The report is that he is stellar defensively and he really surprised with the bat as a pro.

    However, he has had a handful of games as a pro and I would like to see what he can do with the bat in a full season and what he can do against AA pitching and above.

    Being the only bright spot in the organization, i feel the grade is about right for this season.

  9. Amen on that. Look before the last 2 seasons, the organizational posts would be pointless cause they would have been F's around the board.

    I like that you have shown exactly what is at each stop in the organization. keep it up.

    When can we expect another position?

  10. I actually have the first basemen done. I am waiting to post it til wed or thurs. I don't want to post everything right away then have nothing to discuss during the off season.