Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who's Gone and Who's New- Looking at the Offseason so far

Well as usual, not much to report as far as the Bucs offseason so far.  Any rumors aren't likely real anyway, so why bother with most of them.

Here is what has happened so far:

•Acquired/Re-signed: Justin Thomas, Akinori Iwamura, Chris Jakubauskas, Wilfredo Ledezma, Vinnie Chulk, Bobby Crosby, John Raynor, Javier Lopez , Jack Taschner, Brian Burress, Neal Cotts, Tyler Yates
•Lost: Luis Cruz, Chris Bootcheck, Jesse Chavez, Eric Hacker, Robinzon Diaz, Phil Dumatrait, Matt Capps
-Recently departed Matt Capps said recently that the difference between his new employer (Nats) and his old one, was that the Pirates ownership had no commitment to winning.  Good for you Matt and truer words have never been spoken.
- Everyone still hate the Jay Bay trade?  look at that contact he just signed and then honestly tell me he would have stayed.  next question is that is Bay really a $60 mil kinda player?

-Did you happen to see Adam laroche turned down a 2yr/$17mil offer from the Giants? Aparrantly he wants a 3yr/$30mil deal. Are you kidding me?  Don't worry though, some idiotic GM will give it to him.


  1. I see we have another list of studs coming in. I can't wait for 2010. I'm psyched. You know what they say JACK TACSHNER=CHAMPIONSHIP

  2. Could you explain the Chavez for Iwamura trade for me? All along you and everyone else have been saying that all the moves were part of NH's plan, which I agreed with.

    This move however doesn't seem to fit that plan. Dealing a young, power bullpen arm for an aging, average second baseman?

    Please explain the logic

  3. atleast it looks as if we will have a lefty out of the pen this year. not any good ones, but indeed lefties

  4. As far as ther Chavez for Iwamura deal, it definitely doesn't fit NH's overall plan so far. Dealing Chavez's young arm was a surprise, but it really didn't hurt the team.

    Meek and Hanrahan will be fine in the bullpen. With those two and at the time they had Capps, all of the guys were similar type pitchers and one was expendable. The Bucs made Chavez available.

    As far as acquiring Iwumara, he isn't a bad player. He is 31 with a deal that includes this season and a club option for next season, which likely will be declined.

    He is a very good glove guy and should be decent offensively. After the Delyn Young experiment, NH saw the need to improve the club up the middle.

    Aki should hit behind Cutch and he can handle the bat and it strengthens the bench by putting Young back on it, where he had success as a pinch hitter and a spot starter.

    While Aki is nothing special, he should improve the team a little bit, as long as his left knee is healthy

  5. I liked the Chavez for iwumura deal initially, but then to see Chavez then get flipped for an arm like Rafeal Soriano made me scratch my head. I'd much rather have a Soriano than Iwumura

  6. Good for Capps saying that about ownership. i was always a fan, but also realized he had his struggles. Why the Nats would want him to close is puzzling

  7. Did you happen to see Adam laroche turned down a 2yr/$17mil offer from the Giants? Aparrantly he wants a 3yr/$30mil deal. Are you kidding me? Don't worry though, some idiotic GM will give it to him.

    So what you are actually saying is that Adam Laroche will be signing with the Pirates

  8. what ever happened to names like rich ankiel and hank blalock being linked to the pirates?

  9. Well i do know Ankiel is still on the Pirates radar. He likely will end up having to choose between the Bucs and Royals, the only 2 places he can start.

    They will likely wait him out & see if they can get him cheaper, which is unlikely because i believe he is represented by Scott Boras. Of course by waiting, there is a chance they could lose him.

    As far as Blalock, there seemed never to be a real fit between the 2 parties

  10. yes good for Matt capps speaking out against management. Fact is we are never going to compete

  11. fact- matt holliday signs a 120mil deal with cards.

    fact- bobby crosby signs 1mil deal with Bucs.

    It's disgraceful. facts is you are right. we will never have a chance

  12. You look at other bad owners like daniel snyder for instance and atleast he will spend money.

    All we have is an owner that wants to pocket money and put it towards Seven Springs

  13. yeah give matt capps credit, he really signed with a winner didn't he?