Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pirates Out of Options

I got an email a few weeks ago froma reader who asked "Why can't the Pirates just send guys like Brandon Moss and Delwyn Young to the minors and recall them when the team needs them?"

The answer is simple, both guys are out of minor league options and would have to clear waivers before they could be outrighted to the minor leagues.  Some team would surely claim them and while they haven't lit the world on fire as members of the Pirates, both have shown that they have talent and no team wants to give up on talented players too soon.

Here is a list of the other Buccos that are out of options: Moss, Young, Andy Laroche, Joel Hanrahan and Ronny Cedeno.  All would have to clear waivers before being sent to the minors.  A more likely option would be for the Bucs to deal one of them for a small return, in the event they have given up on them.


  1. kind of a shame that a guy like moss they are going to have to make a decision on. That potential word will make parting with him very difficult.

    Gotta think cedeno, hanrahan and laroche have the team made, which leaves young or moss basically competeing for one spot, like you have mentioned before.

    I look for young to make the team and they deal moss. someone will need a bench piece and he has shown flashes of brilliance here, he is just so damn inconsistent

  2. here is what will happen. moss will hit the cover off the ball in spring training and they will be forced to keep him, either parting with young or the rule 5 guy.

    In mid May Moss will be hitting .160 with 1 hr.

    Cut him loose

  3. i'd like to see them keep all of the guys mentioned, but i agree the only ones in question are moss and young.

    i like young and moss will be struggling to get at bats, if clement pans out at first base. might as well try and deal him before opening day

  4. why evryone is hoping moss pans out is to have something to show from the bay trade. hopefully laroche can become a second baseman.

    i'm actually really intrested in his situation, come july and i would like to get your input on the younger laroche if you could matt

  5. good article on b moss in the pg today. says he's stronger and determined. if he has a good spring, any chance church would be the odd man out?