Thursday, May 27, 2010

What to do with Charlie Morton

See above, if you missed Charlie Morton's latest start tonight.  The guy truly is reminding me of Rick Vaughn, but the Rick Vaughn from Major League 2, not the original.  If you missed the start, it went something like that.

Insert any line from Major League and it fits this year with Morton.  I was personally looking for but couldn't find:
 Vaughn- "Here it is, the old terminator. If you get a piece, you can rename it."
 Parkman after homer- "I think I'd call it the masturbater."

I also was looking for
Doorman- "Mr. Morton, I thought you started tonight."
Morton- "I did.'
Doorman-"Oh sorry, I didn't turn it on until the second inning."

See Morton fills in very nicely for Vaughn.

All seriousness though, I put just as much of this on the Pirates as I do on Morton.  Why the hell is he still trying to work out his problems at the major league level?  he should have been sent down at the end of April.  What are they doing to this guys confidence except destroying it, if there is any left.

Send him down and have him work it out.  He is talented enough to figure it out and come back strong.  my problem is what has all this done to his head.  He doesn't seem like the toughest guy mentally.  Once one bad thing happens out there, like the balk tonight, he completely loses his focus and can't regain it.

He needs to be a bulldog out there and right now he is pitching as if he was wearing a skirt.  He is 1-9 currently with a 9.53era.  Statistically, that probably makes him the worst player in the major leagues and he has way too much talent for that.

Send him down to AAA first thing in the morning and call Brad Lincoln up.  if Morton makes another start, it's complete bullshit to the team and the fan base, because quite frankly he just doesn't give the team an opportunity to win.


  1. If nothing else Morton needs to go down so he can dominate AAA hitters and gain some confidence. Maybe once he's confident again the "stuff" we keep hearing about will come to fruition.

  2. matt,
    say he goes down and dominates like you say. whats that make him besides the next JVB or ian snell that can dominate AAA hitters but get rocked up in the show.

    He very well could just be another 4-A guy

  3. He very well could become a 4-a guy. I won't argue with you there, but you see he has the stuff, he is just having major problems locating.

    I am not ready to give up on him, but i can't watch him pitch again for a while. He can work it out and hopefully he will

  4. charlie morton is getting the second worse run support in the majors at 3.2 runs per game. Only roy oswalt is getting less. That has a little something to do with it

  5. To the guy above me. that is fantastic anaylsis. You read the stat in the little box to the right and decided to type it in. You really know the game

  6. maybe morton should try pitching from second base

  7. That stat by the way typed above is useless. It doesn't matter what kind of run support you get when you give up over 9 per game