Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bucs Lose Doumit for 10 Weeks

Just when things started going good, the Pirates suffered a major loss that just may be too difficult to replace. Catcher and cleanup hitter Ryan Doumit will be lost for 8-10 weeks after suffering a right wrist injury in Sunday's loss to the Braves.

Doumit will have surgery and the timing couldn't be worse. Here is a guy that just can't seem to stay healthy no matter how hard he tries. I have always been very critical of Doumit behind the plate, but he was starting to win me over. Not only will they miss his bat in the middle of the order, but he has become a true leader of the team and that is hard to replace for a team that hasn't won forever. He has done a great job with the pitching staff and Bucco fans can only hope the replacements can do the job for him.

The immediate replacements will be a platoon of youngsters Jason Jaramillo and Robinson Diaz. The problem being is at face value, Jaramillo can catch but can't hit and Diaz can hit but can't catch. If the position turns out to be a weakness, I would expect Neil Hunnington to look to acquire a catcher for the short term.

With the injury, Dave Littlefield's presence has lured its ugly head over the team one more time. This wouldn't be a major problem if the Littlefield regime would have drafted Matt Wieters. Yes, that same Wieters that has drawn comparisons to Johnny Bench and Mike Piazza. Yes, that same Wieters that was the 2008 Minor League Player of the Year. That same Wieters that should have been there to call up to make his major league debut on Tuesday. Yes , that same guy.

I would say, that knowing the Pirates, that they would offer Baltimore a sweet deal to acquire Greg Zaun, just so Baltimore can get Wieters to the big leagues quicker, but Neil Hunnington is much better at his job than his predecessor.

Jaramillo and Diaz will do just fine. They won't replace Doumit's bat, but it's not like Doumit was a 30 plus homer guy anyway. The concern is that when he comes back can he be the middle of the order hitter that he was pencilled in every game.

What do we need a Matt Witers for anyway? If we drafted Wieters, how in the world would the Bucs be able to replace Daniel Moskos? I mean seriously, who would be the number four starter in Lynchburg for the next five years.

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