Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Portland Trail Blazers- Did They Get It Wrong Again?

I haven't gotten around to writing enough NBA on the blog, so here's something interesting. Do you think when the Portland Trail Blazers watch Kevin Durant play they cringe? Do they think-Oh no, not again? What I am referring to is the 1983 NBA Draft when the Blazers promptly selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Well we all know how that one worked out.

Let's look at the latest chapter. The 2007 NBA Draft where the Blazers, faced with a choice of Kevin Durant or Greg Oden, both leaving after fantastic freshmen season, as the #1 overall selection. The Blazers went with Oden, and let the debate begin.

Nearly two seasons after the selection of Oden, it looks like the curse of Sam Bowie is looking down on the Blazers. Oden missed all of 2008 and this season, Oden is averaging only 8.9 points, only 7 rebounds and 1 block per game. He has often looked like a stiff out there and fouls out of a ton of games. He is a very fragile guy, getting hurt often.

Durant on the other hand, averaged 20.3 ppg in 2008, a season he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. This season he has been even better, averaging 25.9 ppg. His rebounds and block totals are nearly identical to Oden. He looks like a superstar for the next decade, while Oden looks like he shouldn't be starting for most teams.

I like the Blazers young talent alot, but how can the same thing happen to the same franchise twice. That is so unlucky. I'm not comparing Durant to Jordan by any means, but imagine how talented the Blazers would be with Durant instead of Oden. The jury is still out, but Durant is making it look like Portland botched this one also.

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