Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals Prediction

Penguins vs Red Wings round two. I really want to say the Pens will overcome last seasons finals loss and hoist the cup, but I just don't think I can say that. Fact i9s the Red wings are better than last season and I don't know for sure if the Penguins are.

What gives the Wings the edge is overall talent one through twenty on the roster. They are better on the blue line and will run four good lines out. So will the Pens though. I like the way that they have been playing of late which will give them a better chance.

1. Sid and Malkin are playing out of their mind
2. I just feel that experiencing the loss last season in the finals that the Pens are more prepared to take down the Wings this time around.
3. Fluery won't take a tumble taking the ice this time around.
4. Malkin won't disappear this time around.

If there was ever a time to win a series, it's now. The Wings are very beat up, Datsyuk won't play game one and just don't have the depth that the Pens do. Lindstrom is also hurt and if he misses anytime, then advantage Pens.

if the Pens stick to the plan, play up-tempo and attack for 60 minutes, then advantage Pens. They have to stay out of the box and capitalize on Power plays.

With all that, the Wings are the better team. The head says take the Wings again in 6.

BUT the best team doesn't always win and I just keep seeing this situation play out. Game 7 in overtime, a Marian Hossa turnover leads to a Crosby series winner. How sweet would it be for Hossa to be on the ice for the game winning goal (I still have a feeling he will score it though).

I'm not a guy that hates Hossa. I respect his decision to leave Pittsburgh and feel if he left to win a cup, he made the right choice, but it would still be sweet to see.

Time for the prediction. As much as the head says take the Wings in 6, the heart says Marc-Andre Fluery becomes a household name and is the reason the Pens will hoist the Cup, so all the wannabe hockey fans can get off his back for good.

My pick is the Penguins in 7.

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  1. About this day and age, we criticize athletes who go after the money. Then, we have a guy who turns DOWN the money to go to a team that he feels has a beter chance, and people criticize him for that?

    What he said afterwards stings, but for once, we got a guy in sports who didn't go after the dollar signs.