Monday, May 4, 2009

Today's Notebook- A-Rod Book Not Worth Buying

A little time on my hands so here are some thoughts for today

- Did you see the book on Ster-Rod, I mean A-Roid, I mean A-Rod has come out early. Right on time with his return. Don't buy the book. It says that A-Rod lied during his interview with Peter Gammons. (Like we needed a book to know that). It says A-Rod used steroids back in high school as well and also he continued using with the Yanks. My thoughts are Who Cares? I'm tired of the steroid stories already. Keep him out of the Hall of Fame and that is the ultimate punishment. If you are gonna keep Bonds out, no way A-Rod can get in.

- The one thing that bothers me though about the book is the allegations of pitch tipping. This bothers me a lot. In essence that is the equivalent to point shaving. Ask any baseball player if they would rather have the unfair advantage of steroids or know every pitch coming. Every single hitter would choose knowing the pitch. Do I believe the allegations? Hell, Why not? Especially with A-Rod being the most fragile superstar of all-time.

- It seems like everyone forgot about the other 103 names on that failed drug test. I really wanted to see them, but would that mean 103 more books? I don't need to know that bad, but it would sure be nice.

- I hope you got to catch some of the Bulls-Celtics series. I don't devote much space to the NBA, but this series is worth mentioning. A great 7 game series that had it all. I really enjoyed watching Ben Gordon and Ray Allen, 2 of my favorite players, go at it. I can only imagine what the pickup games are like when the alumni visit U Conn.

- The Bucs are now sitting at .500 after dropping 5 of 6 to the Brewers and Reds. Lack of hitting the whole week caught up to them and the bullpen let them down on a couple occasions. Like I said before, this trend will continue all year. Good pitching will beat this team all year. Not being able to beat the Brewers in over two years is very disturbing though.

- Another case of you don't know what you have til it's gone with Jack Wilson. I have never been the biggest Wilson supporter, but Brian Bixler looks over matched in the big leagues. The same Bixler that tears it up in spring training and in AAA, just can't put the bat on the ball in the big leagues. After a very nice debut in which he had a two run double, Bixler has looked lost at the plate ever since. At least he hasn't taken his struggles into the field with him this season. Until he can hit MLB pitching, he looks to be a Mr. March candidate.

- Mark Eaton has 3 post season goals, which is more than everyone on the team not named Crosby or Malkin. It's great for Eaton. The team needs scoring from the blue line. It's bad for the Pens though. If they don't start getting scoring from their wingers, then the Pens will be on the wrong end of a short series.

- Finally, let's discuss the Pens power play. Ha, What power play? I don't want to make myself angry by thinking about it. The Pens are 4 for 37 with the man advantage in the playoffs. Remember 3 of those gaols came in the first two games. Gotta get it fixed.

- Almost forgot to hand out my player of the month awards. National League honors go to Albert Puljos and the Pitcher of the month goes to Chad Billingsly, who has had a fantastic 5-0 start to the season. In the American League, Carlos Pena's 11 HR gives him the nod and Zack Grienke has been the most dominant pitcher in the game so far, so he gets the award.

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