Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NL Awards Predictions

Let me know who you guys think will win the NL Awards this season. Here are my picks

MVP- Albert Puljos. easy choice

Manager of the Year- Jim Tracy. Another easy choice

Rookie of the Year- Andrew McCutchen. he gets my vote because he is a stud and has numbers to back it up. Four other choices include: Chris Coughlin, Tommy Hanson, JA happ and Garrett Jones. Happ probably wins it though.

Cy Young- Adam Wainwright- Had a great year 19 wins 2.48 era and went 6+ innings in every start. other candidates are probably Chris Carpenter and Tim Lincecum


  1. one funny thing, Baseball America named McCutchen the Rookie of the Year. USA Today Sports Weekly didn't have him in the Top 5

  2. Good work on the blog shetler, havent checked it in a while, good to see you got a little following here
    My NL MVP is Chris Bootcheck