Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Meetings to begin

Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings are set to begin today in Indianapolis.  What will the Bucs do? Nothing much, unless there is a utility infielder to sign as their major splash into the market.  I will keep my eye on some current trade rumors involving pitchers Matt Capps, Paul Maholm, Zach Duke and catcher Ryan Doumit.

NH needs to unload an arm to create a spot for Brad Lincoln sometime this season or even to create a roster spot for Daniel McCutchen who pitched decent enough to deserve a look in 2010.  I don't expect them to be active in free agency, unless Bud Selig is ordering them to spend some money.  names linked to the Bucs like Rich Ankiel, Hank Blalock and Justin Duchsherer just won't help.

Stick to the plan and get these young guys ready.  Paying god money to a guy HOPING he can rejuvinate a career that he never really had just doesn't make much sense.  Stay tuned.  I will have all your updates.

Sorry for not posting for a while.  I got tied down with work, but I'm back.  I can't wait for spring training.


  1. what do we need another utility infielder for? Vasquez had an MVP type season. I view him as irreplaceable.

    All kidding aside, I agree with sticking to the plan. Deal all 4 guys you mentioned and what you have in your system after that is the future.

    Deal with the losing this upcoming season and get these kids ready

  2. people report that the bucs have money to spend. why cant we even be linked to a high profile guy like matt holliday?

  3. well for one thing, most high profile guys are type a free agents and if their former team offers arbritration, then it would cost a first round pick to sign them.

    i dont think it would make sense to go after most type a free agents when you would have to pony up the 2nd overall pick. if the Pirates were picking in the middle of the first round, then it would be worth taking a shot.