Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tabata and Lincoln to Debut

The Pirates have made strides to showing off the future of the franchise.  It looks to be a third consecutive good draft, assuming the clubs signs top picks Jameson Taillon and Stetson Aliie.

Tonight is another step towards the future as the team unveils top prospects Brad Lincoln and Jose Tabata to make their debuts tonight against the Nationals.

They won't be met with the national media flare that Stephen Strasburg did last night, but they are just as important to the teams future as Strasburg is to the Nats.

Lincoln will get the start and Tabata will likely play left and bat either first or second.  It's been so many years since the team has had "REAL" prospects.  So this is a time to get excited and see what these young guys, as well as the talented youngsters to follow can do.


  1. Bring Pedro Up

  2. I thought both played well. Lincoln should have left up 5-2 or 5-3 if not for the defense & I hope Tabata isnt hurt for long

  3. I didn't think Lincoln pitched bad at all. Love the good young top of the ordfer. Much to get excited about

  4. any news on Tabata's injury?

  5. Lincoln pitched much better than his line indicated. His ball had real life to it and moved a ton.

    Tabata is going to be a stud

  6. Did u see Pedro last night. Double, Triple and Homer. Bring him up now also