Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bucco Notebook

-I know everyone is still pissed at the McClouth deal, but Andrew McCutchen looks like a stud. Defense will improve, but the man can fly and is exciting to watch. He also doesn't seemed over matched at the plate. Wait about a month until the scouting report comes out and see how he adjusts. I think he will be fine.

-Charlie Morton may get the start tomorrow vs. Atlanta. I'd like to see him do well. An upgrade over Jeff Karstans would be nice. Morton had success in his first start with Indianapolis throwing 7 shutout innings.

-I thought the Bucs did well with their first round selection of Tony Sanchez. Scouts like him and say he is the closest thing to big league ready. I've seen him play and he can handle himself behind the plate, which scouts rave about his defense. seems like he will be more of a gap to gap line drive hitter. Hopefully Hunnington can hit on 2 drafts in a row. The Bucs will spend cash to sign picks, which they demonstrated last season

- Speaking of first round picks, Brad Lincoln looks to be headed to AAA. he is throwing the ball very well at the AA level. A small chance he sees Pittsburgh in August or September.

-Very tough way to lose to the Braves two nights in a row. Especially the extra inning game.

-Nyjer Morgan seems to have hit a bit of a snag. His average is down to .265. He needs to get back to drawing walks and getting on base. Having Morgan and McCutchen at the top of the order will be tough for teams to deal with if they can consistantly reach base.

-The lack of power on this team is very concerning. The regular starting outfield has a combined 1 hr. The waiting period is getting close to over with Moss. Gotta see the power emerge. It's not like they were a power hitting team with McClouth though.

-Odd stat of the week is that Jack Wilson has scored only 13 runs, despite playing nearly every day. Ramon Vasquez who doesn't play much has scored 10 and Eric Hinske has score 15. Very odd for a regular to have only crossed the plate 13 times.

-The Pirates have been praised by MLB Netwok and ESPN for their approach to the draft. While Sanchez may have been a reach at 4, the Bucs have been very aggressive in drafting guys most teams are staying away from because of the asking price. If the Pirates sign 8 of their top 10, most experts say they will have the best draft of any team. Very good news to hear.

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