Friday, June 26, 2009

Dejaun Blair and Sam Young fall in NBA Draft

Well I watched the entire draft last night and I was as shocked as anyone when I saw Sam Young and Dejuan Blair fall entirely out of the first round.

Young was projected a late first rounder and will help the Memphis Grizzlies. He will likely backup Rudy Gay so he won't play major minutes. His defensive ability will get him on the floor though and he has a well rounded game, so i expect we will hear from Sam Young this season.

Blair falling was a major shock. He was projected as high as 9 to Toronto, but most figured between 12 and 15. When the season ended, Blair threw his name in early to the draft and said "I'm a guaranteed first rounded. I have nothing else to prove." I wonder if he still feels that way today.

Did he make a mistake leaving school? I'm always the guy that says a kid should stay 4 years, but in this case I will say no. I've always said unless you are a lottery pick, you should stay in school. However, what are the chances that Blair would have had the same type of season that he had last year at Pitt had he stayed? Probably slim. In the end, he may have slipped even more because teams are worried about his knees.

I also see several flaws in his game. Correctable flaws, but they are still there. Blair is a tough as they come and the Spurs got a steal getting him in the second round. Did you see how quick they turned the pick in when he fell to them. The Spurs got a work horse who can go get the ball off the boards and Blair goes to a great successful organization with a great coach who appreciates toughness.

In the end, while neither are getting first round money, both Blair and Young may see this as a blessing. They will both now be motivated to improve their games. both will turn out just fine in the NBA.

Who got hurt the most out of this was Jamie Dixon and the Pitt program. The one thing that Dixon hasn't been able to tell potential recruits is that Pitt produces first rounders. I guess it will be sometime before Dixon can break that line out.

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  1. im a big blair fan and was really pumped on draft day. i figured whoever he went to i would become a fan of and start following the nba again. well no chance of that. id rather kill myself han be a spurs fan. im hoping they deal him