Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Notebook for the week

- I've been really into the NBA Playoffs again this year. Very odd because I don't watch as much in the regular season anymore (maybe because I'm a Knicks fan). Is there a better broadcast team in any sport than Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff van Gundy? Breen is the best play by play guy around. Jackson can analyze anything and Van Gundy can do the same but adds a lot of humor and one liners to the telecast. The three are tremendous together and really make the game entertaining to watch. I love Van Gundy. I hope he doesn't want to get back into coaching and stays where he is.

-I watched the MLB Draft today. How nice it is to have only 4 minutes between first round picks. You get all the information you need and it's on to the next pick.

-If the Nationals give Strausberg 50 mil, expect the MLB to push for slotting, similar to the NBA Draft. All sports should do that. How insane would it be for members of the Nationals to have this kid making more than any veteran on the team. Did i mention Scott Boras is his agent

-Out of the 4 major sports networks, MLB Network is hands down the best channel.

- I think it's odd to see Chad Johnson's name spelled Chad Ochocinco. Wouldn't it be great if he finally got his wish and got traded, but to a team with someone already wearing 85 and refused to give it up.

-Can't wait for the US Open. After Tiger's comeback last week. He could be ready for the Open. He won it last time it was at Bethpage.

-87 Homers hit at Yankee Stadium compared to 20 in San Francisco and 24 in Atlanta.

- How fitting that Tim Flyod turns down the Arizona job to return to USC and resigns from USC after allegedly being part of the Oj Mayo recruiting scandal. My theory has always been to assume all college football and basketball coaches are cheating until proven otherwise. The NCAA needs to take a stand with instances like this. USC could be put on probation, but Flyod will wind up coaching another team next season. It's time to drop the hammer on the coaches that get caught.

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