Monday, July 27, 2009

Bucs Notebook 7-27- Trade Deadline Approching

Well, so much for playing decent baseball for ten games. The Bucs offense was damn offensive in the last two games to Arizona. Keeping up the trend of getting dominated by average and below average major league pitching, the Bucs were shutout in back to back games by the likes of Doug Davis and Max Scherzer (although I do think Scherzer will be an above average major league pitcher). The combined score in the two games 16-0. If you are keeping score at home, that's the 11th time we have been shutout already this season.

Davis is the type of crafty veteran who routinely keeps the free swing Bucs off balance and Scherzer, who has a history of reaching the 100 pitch limit by the fifth inning, made it look easy, throwing 109 pitches in 7 innings of work, 85 of them for strikes, easily his best outing of the season. It has amazed me, how the Bucs lineup has showed up to battle staff aces, with a high rate of success, but continue to drop the ball against pitchers the rest of the league do well against. They face Lincecum tonight, so things won't get any easier.

The trade deadline is rapidly approaching and I am almost sick of hearing about what the Bucs might do. I say deal them all. Get rid of anyone associated with the losing culture in Pittsburgh and turn the team over to the young guys. They won't be any worse as a ball club. The losing is like a cancer it will keep growing and poising the young guys minds. Other people close to the Pirates have also reported that the young guys want the veterans out as well. Saying the clubhouse could become divided. One anonymous Pirate even said the clubhouse has become Jack and Freddy and then everyone else. It's time to break up that marriage. So I say show Jack, Freddy, Capps, Snell and Grabow the door. Duke and Maholm are also not untouchable for me. However, we need to keep acquiring upside. Let's not get back into dealing just to deal.

The Minnesota Twins apparently have Freedy Sanchez as #1 on their wish list. The Minnesota Star also reports the deal being talked about is Sanchez for Francisco Liriano straight up. If that's the case, it should have been done last week. Liriano is another young arm I would take a shot on. The second to third year after Tommy John Surgery, pitcher statistically are back to what they once were. Do that deal.

One other team I would look at is the Angels, who could add pieces to a run at the World Series. I know I mentioned Brandon Wood on here a lot, but Sean Rodriguez would be nice also. Rodriguez (24), a great glove guy that can also hit, currently has 23 homers and 75 RBI's at AAA Salt Lake. He can play both second and short. With Macier Izturis improved play as of late and Wood still in the minors, it could be a long road to get Rodriguez to the big leagues with the Angels. He is considered big league ready. Another guy I have has my eye on with the Angels, has been outfielder Terry Evans (27), who currently has hit 22 homers with 75 RBI's and 23 SB's at Salt Lake. Evans, while a bit older could still be a guy to look at. It would be a shame to not pursue a club like the Angels, who have a ton of young talent just sitting in the minors with no where to go.

It might be a perfect situation to eat some of the departing players contracts and bring in a better return. The franchise needs the talent.

The rest of the guys, as usual this time of year have tons of rumors attached to them. It's tough to even know which ones are true, so I won't include any. We will just have to wait and see for 4 more days.

Side Notes

-Not many notes today, but one thing I found funny. Argenis Diaz, the prospect in the Adam Laroche deal, who many have said is MLB ready defensively, made his 28th error of the season yesterday. That's way too many.

- Also Virgil Vasquez should probably be taken out of the rotation. He has lost his last 5 starts and has not pitched well in four of the five outings. Why not give Gorzallany another look as a starter? He also could be dealt though


  1. i cant wait til those two are dealt. i am sick of hearing about them

  2. it's funny that you mentioned the angels. we are never tied to teams in rumors where the other team has a ton of talent to choose from. Maybe a little with Bay and Tampa last year. We deal with the teams that have good top tier prospects we won't get and then have to try and make something happen from their second tier prospects

  3. one point of view is that we really haven't had any top quality players here in the last 10 years that would be worth teams with top prospects even discussing deals with us. Bay, nady, Mclouth and Morgan aren't exactly superstars

  4. if they get dealt to seperated teams, will jack and freddy get a legal divorce or just file for a seperation

  5. are they nuts? i just researched the liriano rumor and found it at multiple places. that can't be true otherwise any sane person makes that deal in a heartbeat. how nice would it be to add that power arm at the top of the rotation