Monday, July 6, 2009

Post All-Star Break Line Up Could Be Exciting

Now despite looking awful against Mike Hampton last night and dropping 12 of 18, I have been taking a look at the Pirates line up and it really could be fun to watch down the stretch. Now there is still no power yet, but the Bucs have a lot of young guys getting at bats. It won't amount to wins, but we will get a chance to see some of these young guys play. Entering today, the Bucs are the majors second youngest team, only behind the Marlins.

Manager John Russell said he is excited about the possibilities and I also have that opinion. Here is what to expect, pre-trade deadline.

Catcher- Ryan Doumit will be back very soon and that alone improves the line up. While he will never be a power hitter, he will bat fourth and hit for average and drive in some runs.

First base- Adam Laroche, at least until he is dealt. It's getting hot out so that means so is Adam. he should drop to fifth in the lineup. A little less pressure but his RBI total will start to pick up.

Second base- Freddy Sanchez, also until he is possibly dealt. I'd like to see him back in the 2 hole, but until someone steps up and can drive in runs in the 3 hole, he has to stay there. Either way, you know what you will get from Sanchez's bat.

Third base- Andy Laroche. Laroche will either hit second or more likely seventh in the order. Nice solid production from Andy. What I would like to see in the second half is a little more run production and possibly more power.

Shortstop- Jack Wilson- Wilson should mover back to the eighth spot and he hasn't had a terrible season with the bat. I have a feeling that there will be no takers on Wilson and his ridiculous contract, so expect him to bat eighth the rest of the season.

Left Field- Garrett Jones/Lastings Milledge- If these guys produce, they could eventually hit third and move Sanchez back up to the 2 hole. I'm excited about the possibilities these guys can give the team. I like what I've seen from Jones so far and I'd like to get a good look at Milledge and see what happens. I like this combo more than I liked Nyjer Morgan in left field.

Center field- Andrew McCuchen will continue to do great things leading off for this team.

Right Field- Brandon Moss/Delwynn Young. This combo has produced this season. While not hitting for power, both have done good things and I see no reason why that won't continue. as with the younger Laroche, I would like to see more run production out of Moss. One of these guys is likely to bat sixth in the order.


1 McCutchen
2. Sanchez
3. Jones/Milledge
4. Doumit
5. Adam Laroche
6. Moss/Young
7. Andy Laroche
8. Jack Wilson

I think this can be a decent line up for a few weeks. Like I said, short on power and maybe weak in the 3 hole but I feel it's an improvement from the opening day lineup. now we will see what the lineup will look like August 1, after 2 or 3 guys are dealt.

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  1. i feel the lineup could do some good things and these young guys will be fun to watch the rest of the season. no power is so frustrating though and its not like we had it before though. mclouth isnt a protypical power hitter. the problem with a young lineup is it will be inconsistent from game to game