Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freddy Sanchez Dealt to Giants

Another positive day for the Pirates and GM Neil Huntington. Although the team dropped a tough 1-0 loss in San Francisco, the team boarded the plane without one person. That person was second baseman Freddy Sanchez, who got left behind in San Francisco, as he was dealt to the Giants for pitcher Tim Alderson. The Sanchez deal came about six hours after Sanchez's double play partner Jack Wilson was sent to Seattle in a separate deal.

Huntington did well in the Wilson deal and I think he did just as well with the Sanchez deal. Alderson, a 20 year old right hander was listed as the fourth best prospect in the Giants organization. He is a 6"6 right hander who is considered a premium prospect. How long has it been since we have acquired guys with the upside as we have gotten in the last calender year.

This excerpt from Ben-Nicholson Smith at

5:51pm: Kovacevic is reporting that the minor leaguer is AA pitcher Tim Alderson. This is an impressive haul for Sanchez--Alderson was ranked the #4 prospect in the Giants' system by Baseball America. What we thought was a salary dump has turned into a pretty solid coup for the Pirates.

Sounds to me like we did well.

Alderson was currently at AA Connecticut, posting a 6-1 record (why is the Giants AA team all the way in Connecticut?). Overall, he is 7-2 with a 3.45era in 98.2 ip. He has struck out 68, compared to only 14 walks. The early report on Alderson is he is a strike throwing machine with serious stuff. Early report I hear is that Alderson has a fastball in the low to mid 90's. he has plus breaking stuff which is his out pitches and a developing change up, which scouts say has come along nicely.

Alderson was named 2008 MLB Class A Pitcher of the Year. After being selected by the Giants in the first round of the 2007 draft, Alderson has worked his way through the Giants system. After last season, Baseball America rated him the 33rd best overall prospect in baseball. Keith Law currently ranks Alderson the 26th best prospect in all of baseball. I do that deal for Sanchez easily.

At first, I would have wished we got more, but I am happy getting a guy like this. In the last year, we haven't been dealing just to deal. Huntington keeps acquiring high ceiling talent and while he will be a hated man around Pittsburgh, he is doing a great job rebuilding this organization. It needed a total rebuilding after the last two regimes and Huntington is doing it the right way.

He was able to get a guy like Alderson for Sanchez straight up, without including any cash. Huge win for Huntington. Use that cash to sign Miguel Angel Sano or include it in a deal for Grabow or Capps to keep stockpiling talent. It could be a couple busy days for Huntington, but if you are keeping score at home, he went 2-0 today and he is 4-o on the season.

One more thing to see what others are saying. this from Kovacevic.

6:19pm: Kovacevic says that no money is being exchanged in the Sanchez deal, which makes it all the more impressive for the Pirates. Keith Law (Insider) recently ranked the 20-year-old Alderson the 26th-best prospect in all of baseball.

One other thing is that right before the deal, Sanchez came to the Bucs with a 3 year/$20mil offer to stay. He has to be nuts. Naturally the Pirates declined and made what looks to be a good deal.

One final way to look at this is that the best pitching prospect dealt during the day doesn't get get dealt for Cliff Lee, he gets dealt for Freddy Sanchez? What are you doing Cleveland? Also I hear Brian Sabean is feeling some backlash for dealing Alderson for just Sanchez and no cash.

Here is a link with some good quotes from new Pirate Tim Alderson


  1. i agree with the total rebuild. another win in my mind. Alderson, Licoln, Morton and Owens could be a solid young rotation in 2 years

  2. atleast Jack & Freddy are on the same side of the country still. They can continue their marriage long distance. it wont be so bad. good riddence to both

  3. I like the deal also, but we are going to be a bad offensive club the rest of the season, but who am I kidding? It wasn't like we were murderers row with jack and freddy

  4. good deal. you are right about one thing, I can't remember getting high rated guys like we have this season. Any clue on the plans for the future a ss or 2b?

    I don't mind giving young and cedeno long looks for now, but i"d like them to acquire someone for the future

  5. as much as I like the 3 trades so far this season, this one could wind up being the best deal. I saw Alderson pitch 2 weeks ago and he has ace written all over him.

    i am fine with young at second as well. we may sacrafice so middle infield defense, but this team wasn't going anywhere this season anyway.

  6. How do you spell STUD? Try A-L-D-E-R-S-O-N

  7. Typical Bucs. Deal a 3 time all-star for a AA pitcher

  8. Above me is perhaps the dumbest comment I have ever heard. That's what's wrong with Pirates fans. This is a great deal. Have you watched Freddy Sanchez play this season? Both deals today will wind up being steals for the Bucs.

    Also to address your 3 time all-star comedy. I will give him 1 of those seasons (his batting title), but the other 2 selections, he went only because the Pirates had to have a represenative. Including this season.

    Ask yourself if freddy Sanchez is an $8.5 mil type of player and if you answer yes then you are a complete fool. I'd much rather have the arm, who's rights we have for atleast the next 7 seasons.

    That's the thing with all the trades this season. We not only have gotten quality, we have guys who can't walk away til atleast 2016.

    Good job neil huntington

  9. do you think it was smart to sign snell, maholm, doumit, mclouth sanchez etc to those 3 yr deals over the last couple of seasons? They pretty much have all been dealt.

  10. To answer your question, I think it turned out to be a great move. he actually added value to Mclouth, because the Braves didn't acquire an expensive player. It worked out in the case of Freddy and Snell as well.

    We did very well in these deals today.

  11. we have always gotten prospects in deals and look where we are now. 10 more seasons of losing to follow

  12. no we haven't. you must be as dumb as the other guy on here. when have we EVER brought in the type of talent we have this year?

    I will answer that. NEVER. We aren't just acquiring bodies. we have acquired guys who have a legitimate shot to do something at the major league level.

    When have we gotten prospects with pedigrees like- Alderson, Morton, Hernandez, Tabata, Morris, Clement and the 3 pitchers acquired in the Wilson deal. i will even include Milledge in that list.

    Face it we had to completely rebuild and I think we are doing a good job of it

  13. It looks like Lastings Milledge will be the one to take Freddy's place on the active roster

  14. Good point on Tghe Indians not even pulling a top pitching prospect for Lee. They did good in other areas. Also, I agree with what are the Giants thinking? Sanchez could probably have been had for less

  15. I'm a Giants fans and I think I would rather have had a Dirty Sanchez instead of a Freddy. Nice Steal getting Alderson. Him and Lincoln will be a nice 1-2 for years. Throw in Morton and one of Duke or Maholm (the other should be dealt) and the Pirates will soon have the makings of a nice rotation.

  16. Giants Fan,

    That was the funniest thing i have ever read on a baseball blog. Good stuff

  17. It looks like Lastings Milledge will be the one to take Freddy's place on the active roster

    Good let's squash the Steve Pearce experiment and get a good look at Milledge. Move Jones to first or leave him in right and let's get a look at Clement. Either way, I'm excited about the options that can happen with the Bucs lineup the next couple seasons

  18. very true. It's a good problem to have to have too much talent in the system. hopefully we will get to that point

  19. today was kind of fun following all the trades. anyone hear any rumors on grabow, capps, duke or anyone else?

  20. I haven't heard anything specific on the other 3 you mentioned. One thing interesting is I know the Marlins like Matt Capps. The Marlins are currently looking at acquiring Heath Bell. I have read that San Diego wants a ton for him. It just may be a golden opportunity to start shopping Capps and Grabow to the Marlins

  21. we have gone fron having a laughing stock of a farm system to having our farm system be recognized as up and coming.

    good job neil. keep drafting well and keep making moves