Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pirates Finances in Question Again

Here was a great piece by Dejan in the PG

Leave your comments.  I will have more input on this when i get the time.  Likely tonight or tomorrow.  Also will be posting something fun for everyone to debate  The Bucco's All-Decade Team.  This was more challenging to come up with than I originally thought.


  1. Matt
    Thanks for posting that. Good article. The link doesn't work to the second page of the story. I read it yesterday, along with Dejan's follow-up piece.

    As for what you said yesterday, if I were another organization paying money to other clubs like the Bucs through rev-sharing. I would be very pissed off.

    They should be investing the money to compete instead of losing and being frugal. I know you like the moves that they have made the last yr. but it's too little too late. Atleaqst be aggressive and try to improve the big club. show a commitment.

    They can still build the farm system through the draft and obviosly they would trade whoever thay signed by july anyways

  2. you can stick up for the Pirates all you want and think they are doing the right thing, but until they raise the payroll and spend some money, they are the same cheap ass Pirates