Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Meetings Notebook Day 1

- Apparently there are four teams aquiring about Ryan Doumit.  The Blue Jays have long been a fan of his. I think Toronto would also be a good fit for Doumit because he seems to be more of a DH anyways and he just can't stay healthy behind the plate. Also the Giants and Marlins are rumored to be intrested.  I don't know the other team.  I know a Doumit deal would make many of you VERY happy.

- Speaking of the Giants, it seems that they are close to acquiring Dan Uggla, which after picking up Freddy Sanchez's $8 mil option, it would relegate Freddy to a bench player.  Good deal for the Pirates so far.

- Also heard some grumblings that some other general managers are very unhappy with the Pirates in particular.  Having to pay the club revenue sharing money and watch Bob Nutting continue to not spend it (atleast on the Pirates, Seven Springs may be all together another issue) has apparantly irked many other organizations.

- I saw that Baseball America had ranked the Bucs farm system 6th overall.  Huge improvement from two seasons ago.

- Intresting fact.  Since 1999, the Pirates have spent only $56.4 million dollars on free agents, by far the lowest total in the majors.  By contrast, the Yankees have spent $1.4 billion.  Almost every other team has spent in the hundreds of millions, leaaving the Bucs, once again way behind the curve.

- Florida is actively shopping closer Matt Lindstrom.  Not many teams need closers, but Texas and Tampa are involved in talks.  Would be smart for NH to try and sneak Matt Capps into the conversation before Lindstrom is dealt.

- People still saying the Bucs are talking to the Dodgers about Juan Pierre.  This won't and shouldn't get done.  Plus, Pierre makes $9 mil.  That would be over 30% of the tiny payroll.

- If we sign anyone early on at the Winter Meetings, I would think it would be Bobby Crosby since Adam Everett resigned with the Tigers.  Crosby fits the kind of player the Bucs are looking for- a bum.  Average glove and hasn't hit or stayed healthy since winning the AL Rookie of the year.  He is also a very poor OPS guy- below .625 the last 4 years.

-Bucs lost Luis Cruz on waivers to Milwaukee.  Damn, there goes the title this season.

-Bucs signed Vinnie Chulk to a minor league deal.  Don't abandon those championship parade plans just yet.


  1. damn we just lost a utility guy in Cruz. Time to panic. we should sign like 3 more light hitting utility infielders

  2. intresting comment on the owmners and gm's upset with the pirates. I would be if i were them. revenue sharing was set up to help smasll market teams compete. it is a crime when the bucs just pocket the money

    They should be forced to spend it on mlb ready talent

  3. i agree with you. I also see how bad the farm system needed fixed. BUT it is possible to balance mlb talent and develope prospects at the same time.

    Hell, every other team does it

  4. Problem is, when they have to spend money, they panic and foolishly throw it away. if they were forced to spend money, we would overpay for every Pat Mears and Jeromy Burnitz out there

  5. it looks as if they are in serious talks with Crosby (no not Sidney) and a deal could be reached very soon

  6. i would raqther have sid. bobby crosby is a bum. any news on juan pierre and why they would want to do that?

  7. with crosby, it would be the bucs typical typre of signing. low risk. buying low on a guy hoping he can get his career back.

    why they would want pierre? NH continues to want to add young talent to the system. The so-called deal, which i hear is being talked about more than you would think, woukld be either duke or maholm for pierre and 2 of the dodgers top prospects.

    Therefore they really wouldn't be dealing for juan pierre, but for the prospects. pierre would be a throw in. still don't think it will happen

  8. So why. Sign Crosby? Don't we have one of those guys in Bixler and he's obviously cheaper

  9. If they would sign Crosby, as Dejan reported in his blog. It would be simply to push Cedeno. Cedeno is the opening day ss

  10. The Pierre deal makes no sense. I hope it won't happen

  11. Like I said, I doubt it would be anything other than rumors, but it would make sense if the prospects were legit.

    They could always turn around and flip Pierre as well

  12. One other note is that Dejan reported that the Bucs were talking to Toronto about Doumit. I said that would be a good place for him. He reported hard throwing reliever Jeremy Accardo is being mentioned.

    I've always liked Accardo's arm, but he's another guy that's had a proiblem with his health, especially arm trouble.

    if they did acquire Accardo, I'd look for Capps rumors to heat up

  13. sign bobby crosby? why not sign Bing Crosby since it's x-mas time. another bum added to the mix

  14. very funny with the Bing crosby refernece. Definitely trumps Bill Cosby

  15. just can't see anyone giving up any value for Capps. He flat out sucks.

    Accardo hasn't pitched very well since returning from injury, but he's nasty if he finds the splitter again.

    Also, do you guys know if Bing Crosby can close?