Monday, February 23, 2009

He's Back

Finally, this week we get treated to the return of Tiger Woods. I for one am very excited to see Woods playing again. I mean did anyone actually watch golf once he got hurt. I for one didn't and the PGA's ratings showed alot of you didn't either.

Tiger just brings that "IT" factor to the sport that forces you to watch. The US Open last year with Tiger, on one leg, outlasting Rocco was one of the best sports moments of 2008. I usually enjoy the Matchplay Championship, but adding Tiger's return will make it an even better event.

What do we expect from Tiger this week? Not much actually. Matchplay has not been one of Tiger's best events in years past, although he has won it three times, including a victory over Stewart Cink in last years event.

Tiger can't win this in his first event back. Can he? Of course he can, he is after all Tiger Woods. People close to Tiger said to expect Tiger to comeback even better than before. Better? Is that even possible? One thing I have learned watching Woods over the years is that any and everthing is possible from Tiger Woods.

So this week I expect a "Sweet 16 " appearence at the least, but would not be surprised if Tiger is playing for the title. My question for everybody is What kind of 2009 do you expect Tiger Woods to have? My prediction is atleast 2 majors possibly a third.

It's about time we got Tiger Woods back, for the game, and most of all for the fans.

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