Thursday, February 26, 2009

Selection Sunday Comes Early

After watching two quality NCAA Hoop games last night, I started thinking about where all the teams should be placed. Selection Sunday has come early so get out your brackets, here we go.

(As of 2-26, i will update until Selection Sunday)
Note: The East will play the Midwest in the Final Four


1. U Conn- The overall #1 seed should be in the east, even with the loss of Dyson, but we know the NCAA loves to keep UNC or Duke in the east so don't b surprised if UNC ends up here.
2.Michigan St.- The Spartans have a real outside shot for a 1 but for now Izzo's bunch is slotted here.
3.Wake Forest- The Deacons are a very streaky bunch and possess maybe the fastest team in the nation. A #1 a month ago, inconsistencies have dropped the Deamon Deacons to a 3.
4.Gonzaga- A sleeper Final 4 team, the Zags are talented and have scheduled well. A couple bad losses force them out east.

1. Pitt- All the 1's should be pretty safe, but if there is one that could drop it would be the Panthers. A tough final 2 games plus the Big East tourney loss could drop the Panthers
2.Memphis- Callipari's bunch are knocking at the door for a 1, but playing in slack ass C-USA, I can't put them ahead of a Big East team, but this team has the talent to win it all.
3. Arizona St.-Another really good team. If you haven't seen harden play you are in for a treat.
4.Kansas- Hard to call the defending champs a sleeper team, but that is what they are. Their youngsters have gained valuable experience and the Jayhawks are playing great .

1.UNC-If the Tarheels commit to playing defense, then realistically they have more talent than any other team and should win the title. Problem is, the Heels tend to take weeks off from playing d at a time.
2.Louisville- Looking for this years sexy pick. It will be the Cardinals. Petino could have a winner with this bunch and they are finally healthy. If they get farther in the Big East tourney than Pitt, then they will get the #1.
3.Villanova- Jay Wright's team will probably be happy with a #3 seed, far exceeding preseason expectations.
4.Clemson- Another very inconsistent, but talented team.

1. Oklahoma- Griffins injury status effects their location. If he returns soon the Sooners are likely to be in the Midwest and ship Pitt out west.
2. Missouri- Going out on a limb here, but I really like this team. A true sleeper to reach Detroit.
3.Duke-A win vs Unc and a trip to the ACC finals could jump them up to a #2
4.Purdue-Probably locked in this spot even if they win the Big 10.

Last 2 in Gonzaga and Clemson
Best of the rest:UCLA, Washington, Xavier, LSU and Marquette (James injury dropped them out

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