Friday, February 27, 2009

Manny Ramirez- enough already

People like to talk bad about the game of baseball and that sometimes bothers me, but in this case, it gets very hard to defend the game. What's bothering me now is the entire Manny Ramirez contract situation. I am all for a player waiting to sign the best offer, but this is getting ridiculous.

What exactly is going on on "Planet Man-Ram" these days. This guy is a phenomenal offensive player, but maybe all the side show antics have finally scared teams away. Manny continues to turn down a 2 yr/ 45mil offer from the Dodgers.

The problem here is no one else is bidding on Man-Ram. Maybe tanking it for a few months to force a trade really isn't a bargaining chip after all. Manny is seeking a 4yr 100 mil deal and it isn't gonna happen.

If Dodgers GM Ned Colletti ups his offer, then he should flat out be fired. Ned, YOU ARE BIDDING AGAINST YOURSELF. That is so bad for baseball if Manny gets a bigger deal when there is no reason to. Let his ass stay home for a while and then maybe he will want to play ball.

I understand a GM needs to put together the best team he can, and in the Dodgers case that includes signing Manny Ramirez, but you already went all in on him. The Dodgers don't have a backup plan. They held out for Manny and he's all that is left. The Dodgers have good young talent and adding Manny's bat alone could win the NL West, but they have to take a stand. Unless the Giants really get in the mix, the Dodgers are the only option at the moment. There is no way Colletti should cave in and give this clown what he wants.

However, the blame here isn't on Manny or even Colletti for turning this into the drama that it has become. I place this totally on Scott Boras. Boras continues to bleed franchises of money at any occasion he can get. Can you blame him though, if teams continue to give him what he asks. He represents the best of the best in the league and these guys will continue to get their money, and I don't have an issue with that. Every team has had an issue with Boras at one point or another. The Pirates clashed with him over the Pedro Alvarez contract. Many franchises refuse to deal with him, which puts teams at a disadvantage, because of the caliber of player he represents.

I hate to bring up the Bucco's again, but for years, they stayed away from Boras clients in the draft, and they are paying a heavy price for it. Look at the2007 draft, selecting Daniel Moskos instead of Matt Wieters. There are other instances, but the Pirates would be in alot better shape if Boras wasn't involved. That statement, by no means excuses the Pirates management for the many mistakes they've made in the last 15 years, but it did have some influence.

Somebody needs to take a stand against Boras before he helps cripple the game. Ned Colletti can take a stand. Unless the Giants or another team gets involved, don't cave into Boras and Manny. You will only look foolish for outbidding yourself and will ultimately give Scott Boras even more power than he already has.

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