Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who's the NHL's Best?

At no time in history have there been as many talented young players as there are in todays game. The Big 3 - Crosby, Malken and Ovechkin are considered the three best players in the game today. The question I pose to you is that if you could only have one, who would you take?

Looking at the three closely, I will start with Sidney Crosby. Crosby is the face of the NHL, at 22 years old. He can thrive in any style of play. While being the ultimate playmaker in open ice, out of the 3 he is also has the skill of a grinder who can win any battle in the corners. Sid the Kid has the knack of knowing where everyone on the ice is at all times, a trait very few have had in history.

Crosby became the youngest captain in NHL history and already has a Hart Trophy to his credit. He has also led the NHL in scoring in his young career. He has become the ultimate leader both on and off the ice and to his credit he carries the burden of being the face of the NHL with class.

Crosby's career numbers (as of 2-22) 272 gp, 122 g, 250 a, 372 pts

Next up is Ovechkin. Alexander the great is the older of the 3, at just 24 years old. When it is all said in done, he will go down as one of the greatest offensive players in NHL history. He also has a scoring title to his credit and cn score from anywhere on the ice in any fashion . Alex always seems to have fun playing the game, which the other two don't always seem to show.

Ovechkin also has a mean streak to him and brings a physical brand of play with him. He is an underrated playmaker and can handle himself well defensively. He also is a tremendous leader of his team and should be used with Crosby as the face of the NHL.

Ovechkin's numbers 302gp, 205g, 280a, 485pts

Finally lets look at the 23 year old Malken. Geno sometimes flys under the radar, playing on the same team as Crosby, but out of the 3 may have the complete package offensively. He is the best skater of the 3 and can also be very physical. Geno should join the other two by winning his first scoring title this year.

What seperates the other two away from Malken is defensively. Geno tends to not show up in his own end most nights and that is part of his game that needs some work.

Malken's numbers 270gp, 107g, 170a, 277pts

Well its time to make a choice. Neither has won a cup yet, so throw that part of it out the window. All 3 have had highlight reel moments (especially Alex), so thats a push as well. While I LOVE both Malken and Crosby, I am going with Ovechkin just barely over Crosby.

While I do believe Sid will go down as the best of the three when it's all said and done and Malken continues to impress, Alex gives you a complete game every night out and right now is the most dangerous player in the game. While there is no wrong choice here, Alexander the Great gets my vote.

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