Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big East Player of the Year

I've been waiting to bitch about something and now I have the opportunity. It angers me that Dejuan Blair had to share the Big East Player of the Year award with U Conn's Hasheem Thabeet. I knew this would happen but I still think it is a bogus vote. I mean do coaches watch the games or do they just vote just to vote?

I do feel Blair should have been Player of the Year and this isn't me being a homer. I have no problem with him having to share the award, but not with Thabeet. There are so many other deserving great players in the conference. Thabeet is the most overrated player in college basketball right now. He's not even the best player on his own team. AJ Price and Jeff Adrien get that distinction.

Just because he's big doesn't mean he's great. I will give him credit, he can block some shots and changes even more, but only when he has his feet on the floor and doesn't have to move. If Thabeet is forced to play defense, he is a stiff. If he is forced to actually compete, he is soft. he has has some good games, but anytime he gets tested, then he folds.

Blair's performance against the best competition warrants his half of the vote, but Thabeet's doesn't. He got handled by Blair in their two previous meetings. His 13.6pts, 10.6 reb, and 4.5 blocks are good numbers, but not great. Blair on the other hand had 15.6pts, and 12.4 reb per game. Both numbers better than Thabeet. the difference is that Blair was a true difference maker on the floor.

Again, I have no problem with Blair sharing the award, but just not with Thabeet. there are plenty other player worthy: Louisville's Terrence Williams is a stat sheet filler, Marquette's Jerel McNeal is probably the best scorer in the conference (20.1ppg), and despite the teams struggles, Notre Dame's Luke Harrangody is worthy (23.1ppg, 12.1 reb).

I just don't see why people love Thabeet. he is big and has the potential to be a difference maker for a very talented U Conn team. He just doesn't have the skill set of a dominant big man yet. He is a good player, just not worthy of being called Big East Player of the Year.

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