Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Trent Edwards next?

Congrats to you Trent Edwards. No, I really mean it. Congrats. It's only March and you are all smiles. Your Buffalo Bills have added a Hall of Fame wide receiver for you to throw to this season. You should be excited. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that it was Terrell Owens who you have signed.

Everyone is happy, for now. Like I said it's March. Everyone is saying the right thing. Everyone is visualizing the possibilities of an explosive Bills offense. I'm all for it. Go ahead and be happy. Do me a favor though, let us all know how happy you are, let's say late October-mid November. I'm betting the mood will change.

Let's see we all know about T.O. and all the baggage that comes with him. I will give him his credit, on the fact that he is one of the greatest pure athletes I have ever seen, but the antics and baggage just aren't worth a young team taking on. That's exactly what the Bills did. Why?

One positive has come out of this for Bills fans. They are being talked about nationally. There hasn't been a good Bills story to talk about since Jim Kelly was calling the signals in the early 90's. It's not worth it though. Buffalo has a good young team and within the next two seasons should be knocking on the door of the playoffs. Why bring in a cancer to these young guys.

Oh, I know. They want to win now. Well if that's the case, what has T.O. ever won. The answer is nothing. You already have a big time play maker in Lee Evans and remember that there is only one ball to go around. Owens has a few decent seasons left in him but no longer is the best wide out in the game. Quite frankly, he is nothing more than a 37 year old WR with declining skills. He may have a good season, but it won't be about helping the Bills win, it will be all about T.O. It has always been all about T.O. and nothing else matters. Giving him a one year deal may motivate him to play well and then go sign somewhere else though. Do you thing T.O. cares one bit about winning a Super Bowl?

Ask Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia what T.O. cares about and they will all answer the same. Himself. Lucky you Trent Edwards, you're next.

Here are some givens for 2009-10
1. T.O. and his glory hound agent Drew Rosenhaus will complain about the cold and will only play in warm weather or dome games.
2. If Edwards is rooming with Evans, save yourself the trouble and just move out now before camp starts.
3. No matter how open Evans or the rest of the team is, Trent will have to learn to force the ball into triple teams just to keep T.O happy.
4. After 6 games when the team may be 3-3 at the best. It's on. T.O. isn't getting the ball enough........ I think we have heard all this before.

Again, Congrats to you Trent. You have alot to look forward to. Just remember (Insert Crying sound here) "You are his quarterback"

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  1. It's already begun. He made a fuss about getting to wear #81