Monday, March 2, 2009

Updated Brackets- NCAA Tournament

Ok, pull your brackets out. After this week of action, some changes have been made

NCAA Seeds (As of 3-2-09) (Read the NCAA post from last week for comments on the teams)

1. U Conn- Still #1 overall seed.
2. Mich St.
3. Wake Forest
4. Washington- makes the jump into the top 4, after being left out last week.

1. Pitt
2. Memphis
3. Duke
4. LSU- Another new addition. Grabbed share of SEC regular season title on Sat.

1. Oklahoma- Moved them closer to home now that Griffen is back.
2. Louisville
3. Missouri- Spanking by Kansas drops them out of a 2
4. UCLA- another new addition, but I like the way Howland's team is playing going into March.

1. UNC- They get bumped to the West
2. Kansas- maybe a stretch at a 2, but they are very hot and get the spot
3. Villanova
4. Purdue

all 4 #1 seeds remain the same. UNC and Oklahoma did switch regions though
Newly in: UCLA, LSU, Washington
dropped out: Arizona St., Clemson, Gonzaga
Biggest Gainer: Kansas jumped from a 4 to a 2
Biggest drop: Missouri slides from a 2 to a 3

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