Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NCAA Tournament New Projected Seeds

A crazy week of basketball. Nobody seemed to want to win, so not that much change in my projected seeds, but here is what they look like heading into the conference tournaments. (As of 3-11-09 Note- East plays West in Final Four)

1. Pitt- They get the overall #1 seed after finishing with wins vs Marquette and U Conn
2. Kansas- They lost this week after I moved them up, but no one else is really worthy of this spot at the moment.
3. Washington- The Huskies have moved up week after week. Pretty solid team.
4. Purdue- They have been consistently in this spot.

1. Louisville- Oklahoma hasn't looked good the last 5 games, so I give this to the Cardinals and that makes 3 Big East #1 seeds.
2. Memphis- Could sneak in and get a #1 if U Conn, Louisville and Oklahoma lose early in conference tourneys
3. Wake forest- Same spot as last week
4. UCLA- If they win the PAC 10 then Howland's bunch may get a 3

1. UNC- Could move to the East if they win the ACC and Pitt doesn't reach the Big East finals
2. Oklahoma- Need to win the Big 12 tourney to get back to a number 1
3. Villanova- No change in their seed from the last 2 weeks
4. Missouri- Had them as a 2 seed 3 weeks ago, but a couple of bad losses drop them here

Mid West
1. U Conn- Still a lock for a number 1 unless they lose early in the Big East
2. Michigan St.- Been safely in this spot for the last 3 weeks
3. Duke- Same as Mich St. , they haven't moved from this spot
4. Gonzaga- Maybe the best transition team in the nation, they have been playing well lately.

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