Monday, March 2, 2009

Early NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers

A quick recap to what happened this weekend as NFL Free Agency began.

Washington inked Albert Haynesworth to a 100mil dol deal with 41 mil guaranteed. I wonder if Daniel Snyder will ever "get it". Snyder also gave DeAngelo Hall ridiculous money as well.

Matt Cassell was traded to Kansas City along with Mike Vrabel for the Chiefs 2nd round pick in this years draft. A great deal for the Chiefs as every team in the league would have pulled the trigger on that deal.

The Browns trade Kellen Winslow to The Bucs for a second and a fifth round pick. It's about time the Browns and Winslow parted ways, but I thought they would get more in return.

Jay Cutler is very upset about the Broncos shopping him. This could turn very ugly and I wouldn't be surprised if Cutler isn't a Bronco at the start of the season. New coach in Denver in Josh McDaniels who wants his own QB and wants to go in a different direction. Tampa and Detroit could be in the mix, but I offer up two good fits for Cutler, the Jets and the Eagles. Jets should jump on a chance to get involved in Cutler talks and the Eagles are a real longshot but it would make sense, because McNabb isn't happy and now might be the best time for both sides to just part ways. On a side note to that, it was confirmed through Andy Reid that if Kevin Kolb would have played well after the McNabb benching in week 12, that Donovan would not have seen the field the rest of the season. It's time for both sides to go in a different direction.

The Jets had a good weekend inking Bart Scott and Brandon Moore and trading for Lito Sheppard.

The Cowboys signed Keith Brooking and trading for Jon Kitna

The Giants signed Micheal Boley, Chris Canty and Brandon Jacobs

The Titans ink Kerry Collins, maybe finally admitting that Vince young is a bust

Other signings: Hou- Antionio Smith, NE-Fred Taylor, Chris Baker, Den signed a ton of players but most noteably Brian Dawkins and Correl Buckhalter

1. Chiefs- What a steal getting Cassell and Vrabel for a second. Many teams had offered a first and the Broncos were shopping Cutler. Did Bellicheck offer his good friend Pioli a house warming gift in this deal. Expect the Chiefs to return the favor at a later date. On a side note, don't think that Cassell was just a product of the system, look at the people that were after him. Most of them were in New England last year and know what this guy can do.
2. Jets- Scott, Sheppard and Moore is enough to call Rex Ryan a winner in all of this.
3. Giants- able to lock Jacobs up long term and add depth to the defense with Canty and Boley.

1. Eagles.- First of all T.J. said over a month ago that he wanted to play in Philly. He should have been signed at 12:01 on Friday. Then they lose Dawkins, Buckhalter, Considine and trade Sheppeard. The Eagles have alot of cap space and haven't use any. Now they have to deal with the McNabb situation. Eagle fans are angry and quite frankly they have a right to be. Every team in the NFC East added parts while the Eagles continue to lose people.
2. Broncos- Now you almost have to deal Cutler. A new head coach has to have his qb on board and clearly they are miles apart.
3. Redskins- When will Snyder learn? 100 mil for a guy who hasn't played 16 games in a year yet. Granted Haynesworth is a force and probably the best d-lineman in the league, but he better turn into Reggie White for that deal. Also am I the only one that thinks Deangelo Hall isn't that good? With a below average offense, these signings aren't what the skins needed.

Remaining free Agents
T.J Houshmanzada- I expect this to be between three teams: Seahawks, Bucs and Vikings, with the Seahawks and Vikings to have the best shot. I look for the Vikings to land him
Ray Lewis- 3 suitors: Ravens, Cowboys and Jets. It's down to finishing a career with the Ravens or going to join Bart Scott and Rex Ryan in New York. I can't see Lewis playing for another team so I say the Ravens get him.(then again I couldn't see Dawkins leaving Philly)
Kurt Warner- Visiting the 49ers, but in the end its Cardinals or retirement. Arizona gets him.

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