Thursday, March 5, 2009

NCAA Basketball Player of the Year

I have been hearing alot of talk about who is the player of the year in men's basketball this year and quite frankly, I can't even believe that there is a discussion. We have heard names thrown around all year, but there is truly only one guy that should be talked about here.

Right now, I think U Conn's AJ Price is playing as well as anyone in the nation, but he isn't even in the running here. I have limited it down to the top 5 candidates and here they are in reverse order.

5. Jodie Meeks- Kentucky This kid is very exciting and can flat out score. he averages 25.1 ppg, good for 5th in the nation. Out of the 6 games of 45 point or more this season, Meeks has 3 of them.
4. Tyler Hansbrough- North Carolina Last years player of the year is averaging 21.2 per game and 7.8 rebounds. Maybe we have just gotten used to his consistent production, but he has done nothing that jumps off the page to give him the award. He has a chance to go down as the NCAA's all-time leading scorer, but the award is for this year.
3. Stephen Curry- Davidson The switch to point guard hasn't slowed Curry down one bit. He leads the nation in scoring at 28.4 per game and also averages 6 assists and nearly 5 rebounds per.
2. Dejuan Blair- Pitt maybe I'm a little too high on him, but i feel he is one of the two most dominant players I have seen all season. Blair averages over 16pts per game to go along with 12.8 rebounds. His 6.0 offense boards per game leads the nation.

Out of that list, I would give the award to Blair, but not even Dejuan should be talked about when it comes to player of the year. That distinction goes to Oklahoma's Blake Griffen and it should be unanimous.

Both Blair and Griffen are truly men among boys on the court, but Griffen's performance has truly been the most dominant of the season. He averages 21.9 ppg and 14 reb per game and has kept the Sooners in the top 5 in the nation all season. Blair maybe the front runner next season if he stays, but this year, Blake Griffen is hands down your player of the year.

That's not to say he is the better player, he has though had the best season. I for one would love to see the Pitt-Oklahoma game and the Blair-Griffen duel. Hopefully we will see it in Detroit.

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