Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Around the Diamond- Center Field

Gonna keep this portion kind of short and sweet.  Center field is the only non-debateable position on this team.  Andrew McCutchen is a flat out stud and is only going to get better.  Despite not joining the team until June, Cutch managed to hit .286/12/54, steal 22 bags, play an outstanding center field and win the team MVP as a rookie.

The numbers should only go up this season and pretty much every season after that.  This is already his team and I'd like to see him take on the leadership role that comes with that.

His is the most gifted Bucco since a young Barry Bonds roamed left field at Three Rivers Stadium.  The only debate is weather Cutch should bat first or third in the order.  I feel for the time being he should still be the leadoff guy, but if the team ever gets a guy capable of leading off, then batting third could suit him just fine.

This season should be a big one for young McCutchen.  I'd like to see him run a lot more, but it will be a treat to watch him for an entire season.

Position Grade Compared to the Rest of the League- A - Thats right, finally a good grade.  The guy is a stud.


  1. Cutch is a flat out stud. Will be in the MVP running within the next 2-3 seasons

  2. yeah then they will trade him

  3. That's insane. he's not going anywhere. Cutch is the guy we build aroung. It will be Pedro and Cutch for years

  4. I have been giving this current regime the benefit of the doubt and I have realized that the farm has needed rebuilt and I feel they have done a good job of it up to this point.

    I say that Cutch isn't going anywhere as well, but I don't trust Bob Nutting. If the day ever comes that Andrew McCutchen is dealt in a salary dump, that would be the straw that breaks my back. I don't know if I could be a Bucco fan after that.

    I still believe though. I don't think he will be going anywhwere anytime soon. All of you people that say that are just hayseeds. Complete haters who don't understand the business of baseball.

    Try supporting the team for a change instead of constantly bashing them. If they give a reason to be bashed then fine, but don't do it for no reason.

    That's the gospel, according to me

  5. wow. he has spoken. good shit. Keep on preaching

  6. eventually cutch will be one of the guys to make people forget about 17 years in a row (soon to be 18) and start a new tradition. one of winning

  7. Love watching him play. You guys are very fortunate to have him. A real centerpiece.