Saturday, March 13, 2010

Around the Diamond- First Base

Let's move from behind the dish to first base and look at what the Bucco's will offer this season.  The job is unproven Jeff Clement's to lose.  I have always been a fan of the power potential of the former #3 overall pick Clement.  Now that he could be given a full-time opportunity, along with a short porch in right field, it could mean big things for Clement.

In 75 career games, Clemet has homered only seven times, but I expect a solid 25 dingers out of him if he holds onto the job. The Pirates desperatley need some power in the middle of the lineup.

 Defensively, he looks good so far; so hopefully that won't be a problem.  If Clement fails to win the job, Garrett Jones will shift from right field to first base, opening up a compettion for the starting job in right.

Throught the season, Bobby Crosby could also see some playing time at the position.  Steve Pearce also has an outside shot of making the team.  Management likes his versatility- he can also play right field (although not very well).  Pearce still has an option left so let's hope he is destined for Indianapolis.  He doesn't do anything for me.  He had a long look and didn't impress.

Position Grade Compared to the rest of the league-  D-  - Well below average.  You have to have run production from the corner infield spots and right now the Pirates just don't have it.  As much as I like Clement getting the shot, he also has yet to prove he can be a legitimate run producer.  If he does, the position could suddenly become a strength.


  1. Clement is going to have a good season. He has to. if he does, suddenly the Bucs could have a good lineup

  2. typical bucs. starting someone unproven at a position. let clement learn to play in the minors

  3. you hit a good point about having run production at the corners. does anyone in baseball have less power at the corners? thats why clement has to play and has to hit well. especially for power

  4. so if he gets off to a slow start then you send him down and move jones to first. no harm seeing what the guy can do. gonna need his big bat

  5. they are no where. if clement is going to be so good then why did seattle dump him?

  6. well they have given up on him and he still has a world of potential in that bat. They may not be better off, but in exactly what direction do you want them to go?

    Steve Pearce? Bobby Crosby? I think not, Let's see what Clement can offer