Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will the WBC Ever be Huge?

After watching Olympic Hockey, and saying that it was the greatest team tournament among nations, it got me thinking about the WBC. Will the WBC even reach the heights of Olympic Hockey or the World Cup?

As sad as it is to say, the answer is no.  Now I love the WBC and watch pratically every game.  I think the concept is great, but it won't reach an Olympic like level for two main reasons.

The first is leadership.  I give Bud Selig the credit for the idea, but anything with his fingers on it is bound to end in controversy.  I just don't think Selig has the ability to capitalize on something big.  He's actually more likely to ruin the entire thing than push for it to reach higher levels.

Selig aside, the main reason the WBC just won't work is timing.  There just isn't a good time to do this thing.  Take a look at the current format- at the beginning of spring training.  The obvious is that the players just aren't in top baseball shape.  Look deeper and what MLB GM in their right mind want their players competing in the WBC?  One tight hamstring or one sore elbow and the guys that should be there are pulled out.  Can't blame the GM's.  I wouldn't want my guys there either.  Spring training is valuable to teams.  Look at the pitchers who threw in the last years WBC.  Most had early arm problems

So when is the best time to play the WBC?  Answer is that there isn't one.  I heard an after the World Series recomendation.  No way.  While you could eliminate the weather problem by playing in warm cities, 95% of the MLB is shut down by the World Series.  You can't ask players to get it back in gear after a season that last March-October.  Players are looking forward to thier time off, they wouldn't want to compete.

I've heard shut down the MLB for 2-3 weeks like hockey does.  Wouldn't work.  Can't play the World Series at the end of November, and what organization would want to send their pitchers to get 3 more weeks of work at the time teams are heading down the stretch.

As much as I love the WBC concept, there just isn't a right time to hold the tournament.  I do feel that it could be on par with Olympic Hockey or the World Cup, but you would need the games top talent every time out. I will enjoy it next season as I always do, but it could be so much better.  I wouldn't sacrafice one bit of the MLB season for it though


  1. good article. i also am a fan of the wbc but it will never make it, for most of the points you said

  2. its a shame that there isnt a great time for this but i dont mind it at the beginning of spring training. its better than most spring traing b games

  3. fact is that it will never be big. it's poorly marketed. you never know its coming up and then suddenly they are playing. When it come down to great tournaments, havent you left out olympic basketball?

  4. you can't be serious. olympic basketball maybe the worst team tournament. when you know who's going to win bwefore the tourney starts then it sucks.

  5. why? everyone knew canada would win before it started and it was great. i dont see why basketball is any different

  6. ^^^^^^^^

    Wrong. You're a douschebag. Canada was the favorite going in. By No means were they guarenteed victory and did you bother watching how it played out?

    In hoops USA wins with a cake walk. It's not even intresting to watch. Sure they didn't win it like 8yrs ago, but that is as likely to happen again as me winning the powerball twice

  7. Ok I'm confused. Wasn't this about the WBC? How did we get to talking about Olympic Basketball?