Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around the Diamond- Second Base

Looking at the second base job, which was a mess after the Freddy Sanchez trade (which will turn out to be a great trade), the Bucs sured up the position by acquiring Akinori Iwamura from the Tampa Rays, shortly after the World Series last season.

This improves the position significantly.  While not an all-star, Iwamura is a solid glove man and he can handle the bat.  As long as he is healthy, Iwamura should do well batting in the 2-hole behind Andrew McCutchen.

Iwamura is a career .281 hitter, with little power.  Coming off knee surgery, I also don't look for him to do much in the running game.  What he can do though is have professional at bats.  He will be good at hitting behind the runner and moving guys up.  He should be a surprise to most Pirates fans that aren't used to seeing good fundamental baseball being played.

Aki will get most of the time this season and could be spelled by the likes of Bobby Crosby and Delwyn Young.  Ramon Vazquez, coming off a lousy 2009 is still in camp, but is a good bet to be dealt before the season begins.  Neil Walker is still in camp as well and has started taking ground balls at second.

One thing to keep an eye on is Pedro Alvarez.  When he gets the call this season, will Andy Laroche start to play some second base?  Easier said than done.  Look for Aki to stay there for the long haul this season.  he also could always be moved at the deadline if the team feels Laroche can play a solid second base

Position Grade compared to the rest of the league-  C+ -  A little above average.  Headed in the right direction, but no help from down on the farm.  Overall, a very thin position in the organization


  1. i like the fact that they upgraded the position, but they didn't upgrade it that much. aki is overpaid and likely wont finish the season with the team

  2. never liked the aki trade. should have let delwyn develope more. hated to part with chavez

  3. aki will work out fine. will fit in good in the 2 hole and he can field the position

  4. he will surprise people and have a fine season. good acquisition