Thursday, March 25, 2010

Around the Diamond- Right Field

Another solid position for the Bucs.  If the outfield looks like Milledge-McCutchen and Garrett Jones in right, then the outfield could be a real strength.  Jones needs to devel;ope into a better defensive outfielder, but right now I can live with him defensively.

I love the bat, but which Garrett Jones will we see.  Will we see the guy that pounded out 21 homers in 82 games?  Can he possibly have a repeat of that?  Did the Pirates actually catch lightning in a bottle with Jones?  I sure hope so because they will surely need his power bat in the middle of the order.

What the Pirates can't asfford is for Jones to be a flash in the pan.  I think he will turn out to be for real though.  He is swinging the bat well in spring training also.  A 30/100 type of season would be tremendous.

One thing "The Legend" does need to improve though is his inability to hit with runners in scoring position.  he was actually pretty lousy in those situations last season.  he got pitched tougher and didn't adjust well.  If he can become a legitimate threat with men on base, then the Bucs may have something here.

In the event that Jones has to be the everyday first baseman, then one of a group of Ryan Church, Brandon Moss and Delwyn Young should get at bats in right field.  I would look for them to find ways to get Church into the lineup anyways.  Moss and Young should be strictly bench guys for the time being.

The big question is, what do the Bucs do when Jose Tabata is deemed ready?  There will be some dealing and lineup shuffling, but it's a good problem to have.  Jeff Clement really could hold the key to Tabata's arrival.  If he struggles for two months, the by June, the Bucs may be willing to move Jones to first and call up Tabata.

Position Grade Compared to the Rest of the League-  B-   - Would be higher, but as much as I like Jones, he is still a bit unproven at the MLB level


  1. nothing to worry about. the legend will hit 40

  2. move jones to first and play delwyn young in right field. boy is he on a tear 6hr/18rbi in the spring

  3. i do think they would be better off with jones at first and maybe church in right. they will likely move him to first anyways to make room for tabata

    please tell me you just didnt bring up spring training stats? who cares? how many of those 6hr's were vs. major league pitching?

  4. milledge-mccutchen-jones will turn out to be a pretty solid outfield

  5. Jones has gotten peoples hopes up that he could be a legitimate superstar. he needs to continue his run. if he falters, it will be crushing

  6. yeah he does have some pressure to prove his numbers weren't a fluke. he will be fine though

  7. clement isnt doing much. jones at first, church in right until june then call up tabata