Thursday, March 18, 2010

Around The Diamond- Left Field

Ok, call me crazy, but left field is one position I'm very excited about looking at the 2010 season.  I love the Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan trade.  Give me Milledge anyday over Nyjer Morgan.  The guy seems committed and is in great shape and is having a solid spring.

The attitude is no longer in question and the ability has never been questioned.  If I have to pick one guy on the Pirates team to have a breakout season, the answer is easy- Lastings Milledge.

I feel he will have a solid season with the bat.  I'm looking at a .290/25/90 type of season.  I'm not worried about this guy at all.  A good start out of the gate would be even better for him and Pirates fans would hopefully come around to the guy.  He is a hit around all of his teammates.  He has won the organization over in the locker room, now he has to win everyone else over by producing.

I really think he will.  I liked this acquisition from the get go and I feel it will pan out well.  One thing i need to see better out of Milledge is better base running.  Not only does he need to steal some bags, he needs to eliminate some base running blunders he has made in spring games already.

Can he play left field?  He's going to have to.  It's a big left field to cover and he has to make the plays.  Criticize the guy all you want, but in the end, he will be a productive player.  I can see him batting fifth all season and producing.

In the event that Milledge blows his probable last shot, look for Brandon Moss (who's in a similar situation) and Ryan Church to see time in left field.  If John Raynor makes the roster as a Rule 5 guy then he may see some rare time in left field. 

Position Grade Compared to the Rest of the League- C -  I wanted to go B or B+ here because I'm confident Milledge has a good season, but fact is up to this point he hasn't


  1. You love Milledge way too much. He's a punk and is gonna have a bad yr. Im still mad about trading nyjer away

  2. I have still bought into the hype. I think milledge explodes this yr

  3. milledge is a prime example of trading for a guy who has upside. I stilll love the deal and feel he will have a big season. i am not worried bout milledge at all

  4. Milledge will be an all star this season

  5. I dont know about an all star, but i do feel he still has all star potential. i look for a good season out of him