Monday, March 29, 2010

Bucs Claim Penn- Designate Moss

Today the Bucs made a roster move by claiming right hander Hayden Penn off waivers from the Florida Marlins. Four years ago Penn was once a big time prospect in the Baltimore Orioles system, but has yet to live up to the early hype.

Penn made his mlb debut before his 21st birthday.  He is 4-6 overall between stops with the O's and Marlins.  He has a good arm and good stuff and throws three plus pitches for strikes.

Both Baseball America and Tim Dierkes say it's a good pickup by NH.  Even if Penn never reaches his potental, it's worth taking a shot on him.  It's the typical low risk-high reward type of signing that NH likes to make.  Penn should most likely begin the season at AAA Indy.

To make room on the 40-man roster for Penn, the Bucs designated Brandon Moss for assignment (i can hear everyone celebrating).  Moss hit only .236 last season and honestly, the at-bats just aren't their for him.  He has been passed on the depth chart by Rule 5 guy John Raynor.

One intresting note is that NH said today that in hindsight that there was a better deal on the table for Jason Bay.  Now that Moss and likely Craig Hansen won't pan out, the deal will be judged on by how Bryan Morris and Andy Laroche do as Pirates.

The team has ten days to release or trade Moss.  He must clear waivers in order for the Bucs to send him to the minors.


  1. penn is a guy worth taking a shot on, but he wont pan out to anything. something about wearing that bucco uni

  2. not counting on it but penn is only 25. be nice to have a pitcher that young pan out

  3. good bye brandon moss. thank god

  4. kind of like flipping a coin. eventually it should land the way you want. hopefuly penn pans out. i've followed his career and he has a great arm.

    that's one thing i have like about NH's approach. he has acumulated alot of guys with very good arms. now if they could just pitch

  5. one thing i forgot to mmention that i haven't been able to figure out. Not defending Moss, but how could they DFA Moss instead of releasing Pearce or Vasquez, which seem to make a little more sense to me